Dereke Ervin

As a Philadelphia native, Dereke is well acquainted with the city of brotherly love. Just seeing the architecture throughout this beautiful city, was enough to motivate Dereke into pursuing a passionate career path in real estate. Dereke is someone who takes pride in his passion so he is willing to go above and beyond when involving himself with potential clients. Dereke understands that the process of finding a home can be a tad bit demanding, especially for first time homebuyers, but Dereke is ready, willing, and happy to help with all of your real estate needs.

Dereke has a background in psychology and marketing, which he uses to become more personable and approachable when dealing with potential clients. Using a combination of experience and patience, Dereke is the person you want whether you're purchasing your first home or looking to buy another investment property. Dereke is eager to work with you and help you in all of your real estate endeavors!